The wetlands has been completed and  is now fully available for community use.

The area has been developed as an urban park with a water injection wetland component.  This means that during winter, water is filtered in the ponds and then injected into an aquifer for storage.  From here the water can be pumped out and used for community watering programmes during summer.  This programme has been so successful that an extra injection point is to be drilled with extra water being stored.

Trees and shrubs are growing and efforts to develop the grass spaces are continuing.  The group 'Friends of The Sturt River' has taken responsibility for planting a strip of natural vegetation along the western edge and into the reserve at  the south.  These plants are growing with excellent results with a fast growing wildlife corridor.  For further information on this programme contact Samantha Kerr.

The space is now a well used parkland with shelters, electric BBQs and a water drinking fountain.

In addition the new rotunda has now been completed.


Looking across the weir.


Looking north from the low hill.

The area is now a haven for water birds including ducks, ibis and spoonbills.  Kookaburras are now returning and frogs are in abundance.


The bio-diversity corridor has been planted by members of The Friends of the Sturt River.  Plantings have taken well and a thick bushland is developing along the western side of the wetland.