Meeting   MONDAY 24THJULY 2017 AT 7.30 P.M.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:  held on 22nd May 2017wereconfirmed as a correct record. 




Round House Replacement

Fred reported Council officers have decided that the advertised proposed structure will not proceed and that a rotunda with the cupola is to be built.


Fred stated he has been working on a procedures manual for the website and will work with Lesley and Mike on their return from holidays so that they can assist with updating the site.

 Update on Discussions with Council Staff

No further discussions have been held with Council staff at this time regarding outstanding work orders.

 Letter will be sent to Council seeking an update on the Development Plan for the Oaklands Estate Reserve.  It was noted the vines are being pruned by Council annually and not bi-annually or even less often which is heartening.


Peter advised he had made contact with Neil Briggs to ascertain if he would be available to act as the Association’s auditor and will advise when he receives confirmation or otherwise from him.

 Verges Audit

Lyn confirmed she has almost completed the audit or verges and there are only a few which require attention.  It was noticed the bricks had lifted significantly on the footpath in front of the large tree at the end of Minchinbury Terrace and this has been reported to Council as a tripping hazard.  The fence backing on to Minchinbury Terrace from last house in Chambers Street before Marion Road is unstable and Fred indicated he will check this to see if it should be reported.



In the absence of Mike it was advised the current credit balance of OERA account is $3,653.28.  There have not been any transactions since the last meeting.


J & L Hair Design business is still for sale and contact will be made once new owners take over the business in relation to sponsorship.

 Subscription Collections

A reminder that subscriptions are due soon and can be credited direct to the Beyond Bank Credit Union account or handed to Mike on his return.

 Planning Alerts

Suggestion to make a one off donation to Planning Alerts was discussed and it was agreed an amount of $25 be paid as the Association receives valuable planning information from these communications.




o   Letter to CEO City of Marion regarding safety concerns 

o   Letter to DPTI regarding Marion Railway Station


Due to time constraints these letters were only sent a week ago and responses are awaited.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Monday 23rd October

Arrangements for AGM were discussed.


-       Fred will book venue

-       Lyn will invite Mayor and Ward Councillors, Boothby Federal MP Nicole Flint, Elder State MP Annabel Digance and State MP Corey Wingard who will stand in State Election in March 2018 for Gibson, which will include Oaklands Estate under boundary re-distribution.  Agreed advising MsDigance of MrWingard’s attendance would be prudent.

-       While general nominations forms are made available to the community, directed approaches to several particular members will be made. 

-       Lyn will liaise with Lesley in regard to provision of beverages and supper

-       No guest speakers will be invited as Local, State, Federal persons will all want to say a few words.



Lyn advised she will be preparing a newsletter for printing and distribution in early October to provide at least two weeks’ notice of the AGM.  Draft will be sent to all Committee Members for feedback.



Proposed Changes to DPA

Update was provided by Fred who indicated the proposals lean heavily in the entire triangle of the OE with strong justification for redevelopment as it is surrounded by main roads, transport corridor and developments of Wetlands and Plaza.  Councillors are fortunately becoming more conscious of the high number of cars parked on streets with smaller homes/blocks of land.  Council is looking at housing density of 15-25 dwellings per hectare increasing to 35 per hectare.  A plan for redevelopment of Chambers Street to include multi-storey dwellings is also mooted.

 Stronger Communities Programme Grants

Consideration was given to the information provided by MP Nicole Flint. Howeve, rit was not considered worthwhile applying given the criteria.



 Clean Up Australia

It was confirmed the OERA will again be involved in this annual activity and Mike can register at the appropriate time.

 Lighting in Parade West

Agreed a letter should be sent to Council asking them for details of the Australian standards for lighting being applied to the Parade West and whether the same standards will be applied to the new car park adjacent the skate park.  Robert will also make some enquiries through his contacts.


It was mentioned that residents in The Parade had been asked to complete a survey for Marion Council regarding behaviours at the skate park since the introduction of CCTV.  Respondents advised there was still rubbish strewn, there was more graffiti, bad language/swearing continues unabated – in essence there has been no real improvement following the installation of the monitoring.  The expectation of cameras appears to be it will change behaviours and protect people but indications are that this is not the case in this instance.




Monday 18th September 2017 at 7.30 p.m.   Venue:  1B The Parade


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.