Meeting   MONDAY 22nd MAY 2017 AT 7.30 P.M.


PRESENT:  Fred Hill, Robert Riggs, Mike Windows, Lesley Applebee, Matt Taylor, Peter Isaksson and Lyn Roberts


 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETINGheld on 20th March 2017were confirmed as a correct record. 


 Recreation Plaza

Plans obtained from attendance at the Marion Council information session on 6th May in relation to Oaklands Recreation Plaza Stage 2 and Surrounding Landscape as well as Oaklands Reserve Spatial Plan were tabled and discussed.  Most members of the Committee had taken the opportunity to complete the online feedback survey providing comments on both proposals.  Felt the plans are good in general however more car parking is required.

 Round House

Demolition of the round househas been completed.It was noted works were carried out with skaters in attendance at the skate park and no signage to indicate removal of asbestos which was considered poor work practice.  The Roundhouse previously blocked/lessened noise from Army Barracks and skaters so it is even more important that the proposed mound with shrubs and rotunda associated with the Recreation Plaza Stage 2 are pursued with this in mind. 


Fred indicated he will contact Lesley and Mike shortly to arrange training session for website maintenance in the event he is unavailable.

 Tree Policy

No further update available at this time.

 Watering Ben Pethick Reserve

Appears no watering of the reserve occurred during summer and it was only due to the unusually high rainfall during summer that it is in reasonable condition.  Follow up will need to be undertaken with Council early in summer 2017 to ensure watering is reinstated.  Noted the temporary fences and equipment used by workers installing new drains is still in evidence on this Reserve with no end date known for Council’s commandeering of this corner of the reserve.

 Annual Barbecue 9th April

Despite the wind, rain, sunshine and more rain the annual barbecue was very successful with best attendance for some time.  Catering was very close to requirements.  Those attending enjoyed the opportunity to chat to other residents of the Estate.



Mike Windows advised current balance of $3,653.28 and $3.60 petty cash.  Payments for banner ($47.96) and PO Box rental ($124) have been made.  Fred and Lyn indicated they would not be seeking reimbursement for expenses relating to the annual barbecue held in April.  High cost of hiring church hall for AGM was discussed and agreed as reasonable with inclusion of kitchen facilities and AV equipment.


J&L Hair has not renewed sponsorship due to pending sale of business and Lyn will approach new owners in due course to ascertain if they would like to continue advertising as a way of promoting their ownership of the previous business.  It was suggested and agreed that an offer be made to Paul Atkins for a complimentary half page advertisement in the June newsletter for his business as a way of thanking him for his support by printing the newsletter at no cost.  Lyn will approach him with this offer and confirm that he is still in a position to print the June newsletter.

 Matt queried amount of cash reserves and why Association required this amount.  It was explained that this in essence was a “fighting fund” should the need arise in the future for say a lawyer’s services.  Reserve funds had been used in the past to ensure the Dover Gardens Dog Club was not able to build their clubrooms on the OE Reserve Crown land.

 Suggestion was made that the Association could “give back to the community” by way of a working bee resulting in engagement with residents on say an older persons’ yard or perhaps the Kindergarten when current renovation works are completed.  Noted that perhaps mowing a verge for an older resident may become an expectation and any volunteer work would need to be carefully thought through.

 Subscription Collections

Receipt books have been distributed with allocations of areas reworked as a result of two less Committee members this year.  Everyone was encouraged to undertake collections as soon as possible and by August at latest.


It was noted the previous Auditor is no longer able to undertake this task for the Association and Peter indicated he will make some enquiries to find a replacement.



    • Letters to CEO City of Marion and responses regarding:

-        verges and footpaths 

-        safety concerns 

-       Council waste at Roundhouse

-       Subdivision of house blocks

·        Letter of thanks to Tony Owen for providing music at annual barbecue


Discussion ensued in regard to responses.  In relation to unkempt verges it was agreed a list of properties and photographs to support could be prepared and sent to Brett at Marion Council for his intervention by way of contacting residents or spraying in terms of response from Council.

 Response in regard to safety concerns at Wetlands exit to The Parade West was concerning.  A further letter will be sent to Council recommending a rumble strip as well as their proposed signage.  Council to be asked to inspect concept and make a judgement.

 Acknowledgement of the undersize sub-division at 15 Abbeville Terrace with explanation was noted as well as comment that “the wholesale subdivision within the Oaklands Estate is not anticipated to occur under current zoning provisions.”

 Response regarding Council waste at Roundhouse was noted and Fred indicated the blatant waste of resources was disappointing.  He intends to discuss personally with the Mayor.



Lyn advised she will be preparing a newsletter for printing and distribution in June.  Draft will be sent to all Committee Members for feedback.





Communication from Councillor Bruce Hull in relation to Coles supermarket facility for pick-up of groceries where seven car parks were removed for three pick up bays and temporary signage installed without Council permission was noted.


Railway Station

Suggested and agreed letter be sent to DPTI regarding the visibility on sections of monitors is appalling and not fit for purpose despite assurance given in regard to security at time of building.  Noted skateboarders are using the ramps and will cause an accident one day when they do not see a person approaching the ramp.



Noted Lesley and Mike will be away for next meeting.



 Monday 24th July 2017 at 7.30 p.m.   Venue:  6 Abbeville Terrace


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.


  Action Items


C/f Approach residents regarding joining Committee


C/f Update tree policy and place on website after checking changes with Council


C/f Arrange mutually convenient time to train Lesley/Mike in OERA website maintenance


C/f Follow up outcomes from meeting on 7th March with Patrice Pearson from Council


Write to DPTI regarding condition of monitors and lack of safety


Compile list of addresses where verges are unkempt, provide photos, send to Council for action – with all Committee to overview prior to sending.


Contact re complimentary advertisement in June newsletter


Endeavour to find person to act as Auditor for Association


Follow up letter to Council regarding safety issue at Wetlands