HELD ON MONDAY 7th MARCH 2016 AT 7.30 P.M.

PRESENT  Fred Hill,Mike Windows, Robert Riggs, Lesley Applebee and Lyn Roberts

 APOLOGIES: Paul Atkins, Geoff Wells, Peter Isaksson, Matt Taylor

 BY INVITATION:   Community Engagement Coordinator, City of Marion and Water Resources Coordinator, City of Marion



Fred Hill welcomed our visitors to the meeting.

Community Engagement Coordinator explained her role and indicated she has welcomed the input from the OERA on a wide range of issues for which she has lodged work requests in some instances and directed other queries for consideration/action to appropriate persons at Council.  She also spoke about:   


Future planning for the Wetlands/Recreation Plaza areas which have now been completed as a project.

-       A city wide landscape biodiversity plan being considered which will be subject to funding.  A service level policy for all reserves required to ensure equity.  In response to query Patrice advised she will look into how the hill has been considered in the future of the whole site and respond.

-       The agreed Masterplan will be broken down into manageable items.  A new landscape architect has commenced work at Council.

-       Being a conduit between staff in different departments at Council and meeting with them monthly to discuss matters raised

-       Removal of graffiti is a non-stop job around the Wetlands/Recreation Plaza and adjoining streets.  (Some discussion on whether a blackboard wall for graffiti would help or hinder).  Will investigate whether CCTV installation will assist.

-       Mayor Hanna liaising/advocating with Managers to consider options for the Round House.  Discussions are ongoing and complex - expects more information soon so that this can move forward.  Caveats on the Crown Land on which this stands are also an issue.

-       Crime Prevention Office is working with Youth Development Officers and SAPOL

 Matters raised with Community Engagement Coordinator included:


     Level of noise late at night from skateboarders at the site and around the streets

-       Increase in graffiti on the Estate and surrounds since completion of Recreation Plaza

-       Issues with lighting in the Parade West (if gate is closed why is lighting required?).  Patrice undertook to recommend these lights be turned off by 9.30 p.m. due to the high level of antisocial behaviour.  She also noted the disrespect shown by skateboarders towards residents.

-       Whether a fence around the playground equipment could be considered as many children will not use the area due to dogs not being on leads.  Patrice indicated she will advise the Environment Health Team seeking a review with dog owners being appraised of requirement to have on leads at all times.  It was thought a fence may also increase vandalism.  Improved signage may also be required.

-       Who is responsible for garden maintenance at Marion Railway Station on verge which was previously managed by Council – Council or DPTI?  Patrice will investigate and advise.

-       Community Engagement Coordinator encouraged the Association to contact Ward Councillors to increase prioritization of requests where it was felt justified as Council receives hundreds of requests for works.



Water Resources Coordinator stated the previously mooted proliferation of mosquitoes at the wetlands has not eventuated.  More plants are being planted and the water levels have been dropped on purpose to allow roots of new plants to spread.  Up to 10 mls of water is lost to evaporation each day.  Cost of top up planting in the last year has been $20k.  2015 had been a poor year for rainfall and only 80 megalitres were pumped into the ground.  Half of this has been used on watering public reserves to date.  Eleven sites are now connected with plans to connect up to 30 sites in the future.  It is hoped to capture a greater quantity of water in 2016.  The successful planting of the biodiversity corridor was noted with a very small number of plants lost.  Glynn commended Samantha Kerr and her group for their work in this regard.

 Thanks were expressed to Community Engagement Coordinator and Water Resources Coordinator for attending the meeting and providing useful information and feedback.  They encouraged the Association to continue to feed information and concerns to Ward Councillors for bigger issues and to lodge work requests for operational matters.  They left the meeting at 8.53 p.m.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 23rd November 2015 (amended) and 11th January were moved for acceptance by Robert Riggs and seconded Lesley Applebee.Carried.



  • Website Update – Fred confirmed he has done a complete rebuild of the site and the backend is almost completed.  He will provide access/instructions to Committee members to do a proof read before he goes live with the updated site..

  • Round House – No further information has been forthcoming other than from Council representative earlier in the meeting.

  • Recreation Plaza –a number of issues were raised regarding the Plaza during earlier discussions with Marion Council representative.  It was thought use of the skateboard area may lessen when the Adelaide City Council opens its new facility following closure of the one next to the railway station.

  • Community Alliance SA – Fred and Geoff had recently attending a meeting of this group which has a number of likeminded groups as Members.   It was moved Robert Riggs and seconded Lesley Applebee that the OERA join this Alliance group with Fred to complete membership application form and lodge with annual fee of $25.  Carried

  • Constitution Review – work is ongoing on this project.

  • Duck Pond/Dog Fencing– Priority of Works – Fred is currently liaising with Council to ascertain if the duck pond can be removed and the viewing platform moved to the top of the hill to overlook the Wetlands.  There is currently a grants process for Council and it was suggested cost of moving the platform could be done using one of these grants.

  • Ben Pethick Reserve Watering – following comments from Glynn of Marion Council earlier in the meeting it appears Ben Pethick Reserve is one of many which requires replacement of irrigation system as it does not comply with pressure of pumps.  Council is spending $6m over a period of time to replace.  Fred will contact Council to ascertain timeframe based on their priority listing for completion.

  • Failure of Out of Hours Reporting Marion Council – Fred will raise this issue with Patrice Pearson.

  • Updated New Residents Welcome leaflet – agreed the new look leaflet is excellent with good content.  Mike will keep primary stock for distribution to each Committee member as required when a new person moves into their collection area.  Some issues with printing were discussed – Matt and Lyn will print to see if these can be rectified.  Noted new residents moved in to the house on the corner of Coolah and Melanto today.


  • Traffic Control on Access Road to Reserve – Council is currently reviewing after this was brought to their attention.

  • Clean Up Australia Day – Mike Windows reporting a small, enthusiastic team had covered part of the reserve (Oak Tree, through vineyard to trainline) and then the length of Minchinbury Terrace.  Two large bags of rubbish and a half bag of recyclables were collected.  Thanks expressed to Mike for organising.  Felt it would be good to continue with this again next year.

  • Tree Audit – contact received from Gary Goland who is working with a friend on a project to map heritage trees in Adelaide.  Fred will contact to discuss and ascertain how this can become a mutually productive association.

  • Secretary Handover – Geoff to collect filing cabinet from Lyn.



In the absence of Paul Atkins, Fred tabled his financial report.

Insurance will need to be paid soon.


Report was accepted.



Awaiting advices from Peter regarding his approach to shopping centre management.



  • Received Minutes of Community Alliance Meeting attended by two OERA representatives.

  • Condolence card sent to family of late Peter Passmore


Annual Residents Barbecue – Sunday 10th April

It was confirmed that: 


SeSet up will commence from 11 a.m. at the Oak Tree on the Reserve with all available Committee members assisting, however Lesley/Dennis will make a claim on the area under the Oak tree earlier in the morning. 

-       Fred and Robert will arrange barbecues

-       Matt had previously indicated he can make a generator available if required (need to check with Eddie regarding power from house next door).

-       Tony Owens has committed to being present with his music/PA system

-       Fred will purchase meat (sausages/patties etc)

-       Lesley will purchase 6 loaves of slice bread

-       Robert and Paul will provide trestles

-       Mike will purchase 2 kg frozen onions

-       Geoff to arrange urn, tea/coffee, sugar/milk, paper plates, plastic cutlery, serviettes, paper cups, plastic garbage bags for rubbish, additional chairs for guests (Mayor, Councillors if attending), small table, drinks for guests

-       Peter to arrange 1 x 500 grams butter, 1 x large squeeze bottle of tomato sauce,

-       All Committee to provide a salad to share

-        Reminder notice appears in the March newsletter

-       Lyn advised she will be away and unable to attend.


 General Business

·         It is believed the new toilets will be installed at the Reserve before the end of April and work has commenced.



Monday 9th May 2016 at 7.30 p.m.   Robert Riggs will host.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.