HELD ON Monday 23rd January 2017 at 7.30 p.m.


PRESENT:  Fred Hill,Robert Riggs, Mike Windows, Lesley Applebee, Peter Isaksson and Lyn Roberts

 APOLOGY:  Matt Taylor

 BY INVITATION:  Glynn Ricketts, City of Marion


Ground Water Contamination

Welcome was extended to Glynn who spoke about the underground water contamination issue raised in e-Mail circulated by Councillor Bruce Hull in mid-December 2016 which indicated the scope/rate of spread of the plume of contaminated ground water from Clovelly Park/Mitchell Park area appeared to be worse than first thought with possible impact on the Oaklands Estate.

 It was indicated by Glynn that this is being monitored and as the water spreads the contamination is diluting.  Whereas 200 ppm is high the reading at the nearest point to the OE at Mitchell Park is 20 ppm.  Persons with bores/wells have been identified and contacted bearing in mind it is landowners’ responsibility to test their own bore water for salts, nitrates etc. 

 Comment was made that the water in the Sturt Creek as a result of run off from roads was more highly polluted.  Reports are provided to the EPA and received from them on a regular basis.  Concluded that at this time that there will not be any impact on the Wetlands.



It was noted the number of frogs in the Wetlands appears to have diminished considerably.  The area on the east side of the ponds is full of poor soil/clay and as a result grass/plants struggling to establish.  It was suggested that a letter to Council to address this issue is best way forward.

Thanks were extended to Glynn for his insightful discussion and he left the meeting at 8.05 p.m.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING held on 14th November 2016 were confirmed as a correct record.  Moved Fred , seconded Mike and carried.



 Additional Committee Members

The Committee is still two short for optimal numbers for the year and approaches to five residents known to Committee Members had not met with successful outcome.  Peter will speak to Oliver Peters to ascertain if he would be interested in joining the group.

 Round House

Letter was sent to CEO of City of Marion on 27th November 2016 opposing Council’s decision to demolish the Round House at the Oaklands Wetlands.  Response received did not fully address questions asked in that letter.  It appears the position is hopeless and follow up letter to be sent seeking advices on what will replace the demolished structure.


Fred advised a number of updates have been done and this is ongoing.  He explained there are some difficulties with photographic images which need to be stored separately.

 Tree Policy

It was advised that there has not been a tree policy listed on the website for two years as the proposed document has not been presented.  As this has not been forthcoming agreed Fred will review the old policy with a view to including trees offering shade, colour, low pruning appropriate for the area.  It was noted the Gleditsia Sunburst trees in Pethick Terrace planted a while back have grown particularly well.


Building works have been ongoing at the Kindergarten however it was noted more trees at the front are needed.


Robert indicated he has been ringing the Council regularly to report graffiti.

 Lighting at Skate Park

Timer was eventually reset by Council following change to daylight saving some eight weeks after commencement.  At present skate park appears to be used more by younger persons with parents present.


The Estate is not being maintained by Council as well as previous years (probably due to cost restraints) in respect to weed control and in particular verges and median strips.  Another reminder will be placed in next newsletter asking residents to maintain their verges.

 Watering Ben Pethick Reserve

This reserve has not been watered and operates off the mains when functioning.  The current works for replacing drainage pipes has impacted with heavy machinery stored on the western side.  Suggested photos be taken and letter to accompany to Council.

 Feedback – Community Alliance

Fred advised he attended their AGM on 17th November 2016 and a new President was elected who appears to be passionate but militant.  No other information available at this time.

 Feedback – Gate Closing

Gates are now being closed on a regular basis.  Vehicles are still parked on the wrong side of the gate and they drive on the footpath to get out.  Suggested Council be approached to install posts as paving is being impacted.  The pump box is located poorly and if children ride their bicycles off the path motorists are not able to see them through the box as it is a blind spot. 



Mike Windows advised no income or expenditure to report.  Lesley submitted claim for reimbursement for costs associated with AGM supper.


Bank Account Signatories

It was moved Mike Windows and seconded Robert Riggs that Fred Hill (President), Mike Windows (Treasurer) and Lyn Roberts (Secretary) be appointed as signatories of the Association’s bank accounts effective immediately, with any two of the three to sign.Carried unanimously.


Confirmed invoices for sponsorship are sent in January for the calendar year and noted it was unlikely J&L will renew as owners are retiring in April.  Agreed to maintain fee at $300 for the year which includes half page advertising in each of the four newsletters during the year plus exposure on website.


Welcome Leaflet

Discussion took place regarding the recently revamped Welcome leaflet.  Mike will send file to Peter and Fred to ascertain if they can print a better quality copy.  Several requests were made for copies for new residents and Mike will provide as soon as possible.



-       Letter from Community Alliance

-       Response to letter of 27th November 2016 from CEO City of Marion regarding Round House

-       e-Mail from Bruce Hull 14th December 2016 regarding ground water contamination



No specific issues were reported in regard to the Recreation Plaza.  It was noted a lot more vehicles are parking on Oaklands Road and query raised as to whether car parking will be available in the area of the Round House when it is demolished.  Question remains on whether a building or other amenity will replace the Round House.

 A recent survey by City of Marion in regard to CCTV placement at the skate park adjacent the plaza was discussed and at this time no information is available regarding placement of cameras and whether footage taken will be monitored.



The next newsletter will be delivered in mid to late March.  Items for inclusion will be current status of Round House, skate park, verges, toilets at the Reserve, street trees and new street garden, hard rubbish “Tip Ticket” option, date of annual barbecue.New format with columns was well received however no box lines to be used next time.




Wetlands Grounds

Following earlier discussion with Glynn Ricketts a letter will be sent to Council regarding plantings and maintenance of grounds surrounding the Wetlands.

 Watering of Reserves

Noted that some of the Council’s programme for watering reserves has been adhered to during the summer however follow up is needed for those areas not done.  Some areas have been saved by the unusual amount of rain during the past two months.


Maintenance of Reserve

Following discussion it was agreed to write to Council to ask:   -       What is happening with the plan to develop the Reserve  (no maintenance has been done on vines for last 20 years; Fred has planted 40 replacements in rows 1-14; also no work done with Japanese Garden)

-       Will a new plan be required or can the old one be used – is new consultation required?


New toilet was to be installed by March this year (two toilets planned for western end of Hendrie Street, but previously agreed one to be put to the Reserve).  Follow up with Council required.

 Street Gardens

A new street garden has been planted by resident living on corner of Pethick and Bassi Streets to add to others established on the Estate.  Photos of these with accompanying explanation will be put in next newsletter.

 Clean Up Australia – 5th March

Mike confirmed the Association was registered to participate in the Clean Up Australia Day programme on 5th March.  He will distribute a leaflet seeking additional volunteers as participation in the past two years has been Committee persons only.  Comments were made in relation to the increased number of rented homes with no, or little, maintenance done to gardens/verges.  Suggestion made that query could be made with Council in respect to responsibilities for verges

 Olivia Foundation Playground

Comment was made that the planned Olivia Foundation playground to be located behind the swimming pool in Hendrie Street appears to have stalled.  It is understood Federal and State funding is available however the Foundation has not as yet raised sufficient funds for works to commence.  This delay has now affected the installation of new toilets at the OE Reserve. 

 Annual Residents Barbecue – 9th April

Arrangements will be finalised at next meeting with reminder of date in March newsletter.  Small reminders will be delivered a few days prior to target some people to encourage attendance.  Noted Robert will be away and not able to attend.

 Remediation Works

It was noted that remediation works (replacing footpaths, road surfaces) as a result of undertakings by various gas, water etc. utilities are slow and in some cases calls have been made to follow up work not done.  Case in point was on the corner of The Parade and Oaklands Road which was left for some months before a call had the work done soon after.



 Monday 20th March 2017 at 7.30 p.m.   Venue:  1 Fiscom Street


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.


Action Items

Write to Council about the poor soil in grounds surrounding the Wetlands – impact on plantings etc. Fred
Approach Oliver Peters regarding joining Committee Peter
Write to Council to ascertain what structure will replace Round House Fred
Update tree policy and place on website Fred
Ascertain from Council why Ben Pethick Reserve is not being watered Fred
Bring to Council’s attention the blind spot where pump box is located next to path/children riding cycles on to road – suggest bollard Fred
Write to Council regarding development of Reserve as per old plan or is new plan required? Fred
Write to Council regarding additional new toilet for OE Reserve as previously promised. Fred
Query with Council responsibilities of residents in relation to maintenance of verges Fred