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Safety Concerns

We have contacted Council to discuss some safety concerns with the parking along the entry road to the Wetlands.  Parents unloading young skaters and skaters exiting from the bridge need to be aware that many cars do not adhere to the speed limits.

Council will install a sign warning skaters of the problem but this still puts the responsibility for safety onto the people who may be hit, not with the speeding drivers.

Pedestrians crossing the median strip need to be extra careful when visiting the wetlands.



The Friends of Sturt River group has continued with their planting programme with another session to fill out the bio-diversity corridor.  The efforts of this group have made a huge impact on the plant growth around the wetlands and there is still more to come. 

 At the same time a residents' planting has taken place along The Parade.  Sadly some of the plants have been stolen.  A 5 year old told me that we should be pleased that the plants have been appreciated so much that they were taken.  The little garden on the corner of Pethick and Bassi is still going strong with vegetables made available.

 The OERA thanks everyone who gets involved in this sort of work.  Volunteers often make a huge difference to how a community looks.

  Railway Station

When the new railway station was built the OERA was promised by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure that a functioning security system would be maintained in the subway.

 The present system is not functioning as promised and the OERA will contact DPTI asking that they remedy the problem.


Sub Division

Residents will have seen the changes to our district that have occurred over the last couple of years.  Many of our large corner blocks are being split with new houses built.  Often, when a house is on sale in the area the question of whether the block can be divided is raised.  If the answer is "No", the prospective buyer often walks away.

The aim here appears to be all about making money with no concern with how this changes our community and impacts on the infrastructure, such as parking and road access.

 Council has informed us that at the moment there are no plans to go further than allowing corner block sub-division.  However, with the recent changes implemented by State Government, this will not last forever.

Grounds Repair

A new attempt to replant lawns for the wetland has recently been undertaken.  Thankfully there has been some soil remediation and although growth has been slow it looks to be gradually filling in.

 At the same time the works compound on Pethick Reserve has been removed and the ground repaired.  There are still some kerb and road repairs to be made along Melanto Terrace and through Fiscom Street but they should be completed as the drainage system is installed.  This has been a long, slow, stop-start process.

 Annual subscriptions

Committee Members have commenced collection of the 2017 $5 annual subscription for our Association.  Funds collected have in the past been used to cover insurance, newsletters, the BBQ, signage and legal advice. 


Fred Hill





 With the recent demolition of the Roundhouse in the Wetlands precinct we couldn’t help but reflect on some of the many changes on the Oaklands Estate over the years.


In 1967 the “Oaklands” homestead built in 1844 was demolished.  The fascinating story of this home and its owners is brilliantly documented by David Jarman from the Marion Historical Society in his book “The History of ‘Oaklands’ and its Tragic End”.   A car park for users of the Reserve is now all that remains of this beautiful old homestead

The State Government Driver Training School was for many years a hub of activity for young children learning about road safety and for learner drivers.   This was demolished and replaced with the Wetlands which opened in December 2013.  Thousands of wetland plants have grown immensely since that time.


The number of people walking, enjoying a picnic and some family time in this area is brilliant.



The “before” and “after” photos at left show the Roundhouse, and now vacant site since its recent demolition.   Built in the 1970’s it is an odd feeling driving along Oaklands Road and not seeing the building there.



The OERA had prolonged dialogue with Marion Council staff regarding retaining the Roundhouse for community use but lost the battle.  Council appeared to view the building as budget expenditure rather than an asset.


As mentioned in the President’s Report more changes are coming to the Plaza area and the Oaklands Estate Reserve.  It will be interesting to look back once again when these changes are completed.